Maritime Capital Management Partners LLC was formed in 2019 for the purpose of creating novel yet conservative financing solutions for the maritime sector.  MCMP applies those structures to the acquisition and operation of its own commercial vessels and to the physical trade of commodities. The shipping sectors in which we focus include tankers, dry bulk and clean product carriers.

Shipping, despite being largely invisible to the general public, has consistently grown as an industry during the last fifty years. During that time, the growth rate of international trade was almost consistently twice that of economic activity as a whole. Approximately 90% of world trade travels by sea at some point in a product’s life cycle and it is difficult to imagine any practical transportation alternatives. The ability of ships to carry enormous tonnages sets them apart as the most energy efficient method of moving goods.

MCMP brings together experience, knowledge and integrity in both the financial and shipping industries to build successful investing strategies within the vital maritime sector.